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AlphaPro Driving School Canberra
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About AlphaPro

We aim to be the best driving school in Canberra and we are building our reputation with every student we train. A reputation for fairness and honesty, for doing things the right way. Not just training you for a test or to pass the log book assessments but to train you to really drive properly and safely in today's driving conditions.

We're not just talking about how to use the clutch or driving on a highway. We're talking about training you to avoid accidents, anticipating bad driving situations and staying alive. All our instructors are passionate about training learner drivers so that they have all the skills they need to drive efficiently and safely. It's not about driving slowly but about being able to recognise dangerous driving situations and how to anticipate and react. How to recognise dangerous driving practices around you on the road and how to avoid being involved in accidents caused by these practices. These techniques should be part of your basic driver training. With us they are!

Now about fairness. All our lessons go for the full time that you pay for. We do our bookwork after we finish the lesson. What's the use of getting a 'cheap' lesson and then have it eaten away while your instructor does the bookwork in your lesson time. We don't think that's fair!

We teach anywhere in Canberra. We can pick you up from home, school or work and drop you off to your chosen destination after the lesson.

Our instructors

Charles Powell  Driving Instructor ACT

Charles Powell (Honda Jazz - auto. ACT accreditation)

Charles has over 30 years of everyday driving experience in city, suburbs and country situations. He learnt to drive in Sydney, has been 4WD driving in South Western Australia, outback driving in a Mazda 929 in the Kimberleys (North West Australia) and driving around Bali. He now drives in what he considers to be one of the most dangerous of all situations - daily peak hours in Canberra on the Parkway!

He aims to teach all his students how to drive to survive by 'reading' the road and other drivers, expecting the unexpected, keeping your calm and respecting other drivers.

Charles loves working on his cars and loves to drive them. His favourite is a 1989 Nissan 300ZX coupe and as often as he can he goes with other friends on outings with their 'Z's. He has learnt to drive safely on wet roads at an Ian Luff Defensive Driving School.

Please give him a call on 0407 470 817.

John Bower Driving Instructor Canberra

John Bower - Part time instructor (Honda Jazz - manual. ACT accreditation.)

JB is a keen motorist and a committee member of a popular local car club. His earlier motoring activities included participating in defensive driving courses in Queensland and decades of 4WDing in cars and trucks, including outback Australia

JB initially came to Canberra to take up a new career in the Public Service just after conducting security operations for the Sydney 2000 Olympics. JB has since instructed on many 4WD car and truck courses and is keen to continue his motoring interest as an accredited ACT driving instructor. He is excited to be able to teach new drivers how to become safe drivers for a lifetime.

Some of JB's other interests include his Peogeot 406 Coupe, BMW R100GS Enduro and being a member of the ACTSES.

Please give him a call on 0488 825 742.

Letter from a satisfied father

Dear sirs,

I just wanted to advise you of recent experiences I have had with one of your driving instructors.

I feel it necessary to explain our situation, so as the effort taken by your instructors is fully comprehended.

As my wife and I have done all the instructing to date, my intention was to find a professional instructor who could “polish” her driving skills.

I searched the internet for driving instructors and located the drivers and their profiles.

I contacted John Bower (JB) and proceeded to make two bookings for my daughter, at first I was disappointed at how long it was going to take for us to get a lesson. Whilst on the phone I explained where my daughter lived, John selected a pick up point that although out of his way, made it very easy for us.

Due to the extended period before which we could get a lesson, I booked an earlier lesson with a different driver. On meeting this driver, I had difficulties explaining what I wanted for my daughter. My daughter returned an hour later, and although happy didn’t believe she learnt a lot, as all she did was “drive around” with the instructor only making comments at the end.

Approx. two weeks later, whilst meeting John for the first appointment, I noticed his greatest concern was what both Laura and I wanted from this lesson. I explained what we had done and the areas of concern that Laura had. John made it clear to both Laura and I what he would do during the lesson with the expected outcomes.

I felt a sense of comfort and confidence with John within the first few minutes of speaking with him.

On return from the first lesson Laura explained to me what they had done and that she liked the fact that John advised her during the lesson of ways to improve, instead of leaving it to the last ten minutes.

Laura had a second lesson with John, which went as well if not better than the first.

Although Laura is my second child to learn to drive, she is my first daughter. As senseless as it may be, I was very nervous with her going with other drivers. In hind sight, the wait to get an appointment with John was well worth it, I can’t recommend or praise John enough to any nervous father.