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  • How will I know if my instructor is an Accredited Driving Instructor?
    All AlphaPro instructors are professionally trained and ACT Accredited Driving Instructors. They will show you their official accreditation card and will have the official ACT forms. They are all able to do Log Book assessment.

  • How long is each driving lesson?
    Driving lessons are typically 1 hour. We are happy to discuss 2 hour lessons with you if you would like more intensive training or it suits your schedule. Keep in mind that 2 hour lessons can be mentally fatiguing.

  • I’m a bit nervous, is this ok?
    No worries, we teach nervous drivers everyday. We aim to create a friendly and easy-to-learn environment that puts even the most nervous drivers at ease. Don’t forget that our cars are equipped with dual controls so we are always there to help you out in difficult situations.

  • How do I get my licence?
    In the ACT you have the choice between the Logbook system via the Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) program or attempting a one-off practical driving test with a government examiner. In our experience 80 per cent of learners choose the Logbook system.

    The CBT&A program is a comprehensive system of learning to drive with an accredited driving instructor who will teach and assess 23 driving competencies.

    Each competency is signed and stamped off by the instructor.

    Once the Logbook is completed a separate certificate is issued and these two documents are presented by the learner at a Government Shopfront or the Dickson Motor Registry. The appropriate fee is then paid and your provisional licence is issued.

    The One-off Government driving test is conducted by an independent Government examiner. Tests are conducted at either the Dickson Motor Registry (Challis Street) or from the Government Shopfront at Homeworld, Tuggeranong.

    Learners can obtain their Learners Licence at 15 years and 9 months, through the Roadready program conducted within the school system or via the Roadready course conducted by a private provider (Ph: 6282 8990).

    Learners are strongly recommended to engage a professional driving instructor early in their driver training to ensure that they are taught the correct driving techniques which comply with the ACT Government’s driving standards – eg using pull/push steering, skipping gears when gearing down, and not using gears to slow the vehicle.

  • How many lessons will I need to complete the 23 competencies in the Log Book?
    This is a difficult question to answer and depends on the ability of the individual and how much experience they have prior to starting with our instructors. Our instructors will be able to give an estimate after the first lesson but this estimate is not a guarantee but will depend on the individual's ability and the amount of practice that they will have between lessons.

  • Will I be able to be picked up at one address and dropped off at another?
    Our instructors will be happy to pick you up from one location and drop you off at another in the ACT as long as you discuss it with your instructor when booking. Be aware however that you may not be able to have a full lesson because of the time spent in travel.
    Also, because we service all areas of Canberra from Tuggeranong to Gungahlin, please be aware that we have to allow travel time between lessons and so may not be able accommodate a different start or finish location because of previous or next booked lessons.

  • How much notice should I give if I need to cancel a lesson?
    Please give as much notice as possible, preferably 48 hours, so that we can attempt to give your spot to another student who is waiting for a lesson. Remember that in Charles' case, only 30 lessons MAX are available each week, (5 days x 6 lessons). Lessons cancelled with shorter notice or on the day mean that your instructor may not be able to find a suitable replacement and that lesson spot is wasted. Lessons cancelled with only a few hours notice without a valid reason or after the instructor has arrived are considered very rude behaviour and the student may find it difficult to book again.

  • If for any reason I want to change instructors, will my completed competancies be recognised by another?
    You may change instructors at any time, from one school to another or within our school and your completed competencies will be recognised. Our instructor will probably need to ascertain your competancy in the first lesson to ensure that you have been properly trained by an accredited driving instructor. Remember only ACT accredited instructors are allowed to assess your competancies in your log book

Thanks received

I completed my driving lessons with Charles from AlphaPro, and I could not be happier. He is super flexible and helps you achieve your driving goals no matter what they may be and suggested driving videos for me to watch to aid with some of the lessons. He is very patient and lovely to have in the car as he does not yell and is up for a chat. I highly recommend Charles and AlphaPro to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor.

I had driving lessons with Charles from Alpha Pro and I can not recommend him more highly. I used to have a fear of driving and Charles was so extremely patient, competent and understanding that he helped me overcome my fear and in the end I actually enjoyed driving.

If you are looking for an instructor who is flexible, supportive and encouraging then pick up the phone now and call Charles at AlphaPro…. I wish I had found him sooner as it would have saved me putting off getting my license for years.