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Road rules

A series of animated videos based on the ‘Top Ten Misunderstood Road Rules’ have been produced by the Centre for Road Safety to help better explain some of the most commonly encountered and misunderstood road rules. These are for NSW but are still appropriate for the ACT.
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Remember - school zone hours in the ACT are from 8am to 4pm with no break in the middle of the day as in NSW.


Did you know?

The ACT has the lowest rate of road fatalities in Australia per head of population, vehicles registered and distance travelled in the ACT.

Travel in NSW accounted for 19% of all travel by ACT vehicles. On a per kilometre basis, ACT vehicles were more likely to be involved in a fatal crash in NSW compared with NSW vehicles in NSW.

Of the 7589 road accidents in the ACT in 2012, 3689 or almost 46% were rear end collisions. It's easy to see why on the Parkway. Most drivers travel too close to the vehicle in front and have no chance of avoiding the car in front if it is involved in an accident. Most such accidents involve more than 2 cars.

It is also illegal to tailgate!